Thursday, 4 June 2009

CV - Hints and Tips

How to Create A Good CV

Due to the unfortunate amount of redundancies in the legal profession, alongside other industries, there are an increasing number of candidates looking for work at the moment.

Your CV is a crucial sales tool as this is usually the first thing the employer/agency receives when applying or registering for work, so here are a few hints and tips to try and get yours noticed.

Also, always follow-up. Once you have posted/emailed your CV allow a couple of days and then call to check it has been received and what the next stage is and when you are likely to hear further.


• Try to keep it to 2 pages, 3 maximum
• Split into 4 sections and use subheadings; Personal Details, Employment History, Qualifications and Interests
• Always put in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting with the most recent first
• If there are any gaps in employment – add an explanation
• Keep statements factual giving good examples of experience gained
• Remember to include contact details including daytime contact number and personal email address
• Spell check and proof read – ideally get a trusted eye to proof read too
• Concentrate mainly on current/last job


• Include a photo
• List irrelevant personal information, e.g. names of children/pets
• Add very general statements without giving examples, e.g. I am an excellent teamplayer
• Invent hobbies/interests that can catch you out – be prepared to embellish on them at interview

For further assistance on drafting your CV please contact Claire Cox on 0113 2877950 or email on or

Claire Cox has worked for over 7 years in legal recruitment and practised as a Solicitor for several high profile firms prior to that. She is the founder of Bailey Hunter Ltd.